Healing Circles Collection

1. Yokalar Dreaming

Translates to Seven Sisters Dreaming. Based on a moral lesson told by Noongar Whadjuk elders, it’s a story of survival, strength and determination. It highlights the importance of connection to family and caring for boodjar. Teresa, who is one of seven sisters, says ”We all left home and lived life but all came home to be close to Mum & Dad (RIP). The circles symbolise our many camps we've made along the way and many paths we've travelled on our journeys. Caring for our families and country is of the utmost importance, as is passing down knowledge from generation to generation”

2. White Cockatoos

This artwork proudly shows the Totem of my great grandfather, Sammy Mulley Miller (RIP). He was the infamous Mubarn Marmun of the South West. It signifies strength, healing, light and magical connection to Minang Noongar boodjar for my manatjmat moort - white - cockatoo family.

3. Kip Djildjit Dreaming

Tells the story of myself and my family on a trip down south to Albany - on Kinjarling Minang Boodjar, my Dad’s country and Great Grandfather Sammy Mulley Miller's Boodjar. Fishing off the beaches for salmon, watching dolphins bringing the fish into the shores is common for us as a family to witness. Believing our old people are taking care of us and providing plenty of food for us to feast on. The circles symbolise the fish being rounded up and being pushed closer and closer to the shore. The lines show the long journey through the hills from Beeliar Boodjar to Minang Boodjar.

4. On Boodjar with Moort

This story interprets a mooditj (strong and powerful) time when I was heading out on boodjar with Moort (family) travelling over the hills following the kep bidi - water tracks & gnamma (waterholes) holes along the way. Heading home before dark - close to sunset the sky is a majestic array of soft pastel pink shades flashing through the sun showers of rain.

5. Djeran - Makuru Noongar Season

This painting captures a day out on Noongar boodjar travelling over the hills with my Moort (family) during Makuru season – a time of fertility for the animals and plants. We are on beeliar boodja – the ancestral home of Midgigeroo and Yagan. At this time of the year there’s some kinjaling (rain) on country, but it’s still a little dry and dusty in some places. Cooler weather is here bena (sun) is setting earlier, getting dark, moving into the coldest and wettest time of year. Djinda (stars) & Meeka (moon) are coming out through the night skies.

6. Black Cockatoos

This is the story of travelling over noongar boodjar country, over the hills and travelling up with my moort (family). We lit the Karl (fire) and cooked a feed of damper and yonga (roo) over the coals grid iron (used for cooking)

7. Gnaarma Holes

This painting tells a personal family story of our mob travelling and connecting over noongar boodjar (country)

8. Boodjar Day Out

The story told in this painting is about a day out on Noongar Boodjar (country) visiting water holes, travelling over the hills along the way.

9. Kinjaling Place of Rain – Albany

When we are visiting Noongar boodjar-country, we are travelling storylines connecting to country; my Father’s country. This painting captures my travels, and passing knowledge down to the next generation of children and grandchildren along the way.