Indigenous designs showcasing connection to Whadjuk Beelya Boodja and Bibulmen Noongar Nation

Teresa’s Artist name is Beelya Yorg - The River Woman.

As a Noongar Artist, Teresa expresses her spiritual and cultural connection to Whadjuk Boodja and Beelya Bibblimum Boodja. Her paintings interpret ancient storylines, dreaming stories and provide personal insights into her own family’s travels throughout Noongar country in South West WA

Her artworks tell stories of corroborees and meeting places, biddi, bilya, gnaarma holes, birds and  animals. Look closely to learn of hunting and gathering spots that trace back to nyitting times (the dreaming); a long-ago time when the spiritual ancestors travelled across beelya boodja

Teresa’s Donates 2% of all Sales to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Strategies in Noongar Country Aboriginal Community.

Teresa Yeridan Miller is the matriarch of her family. A Wadjuk Beeliar, Minang, Koreng Biboolmen Noongar Yorg, she resides in Armadale, remaining closely connected to Wadjuk beeliar boodja.

Noongar Artist Teresa Yeridan Miller was born in Kinjaling (Albany) Minang Boodjar, Western Australia. Teresa’s artistic name Beelya Yorg is bonded to the name of her great great-grandmother. She is a direct descendant of Midgegooroo and his warrior son, Yagan. Teresa is connected to many regions throughout the state; However, she’s lived on one of her traditional territories – Wadjuk Beelya Boodjar.

Teresa’s strong connecting to family and experience living off the bush in her early years comes from fishing and hunting on Minang Boodjar and Beeliar Boodjar gathering bardi grubs, bush tucker feed with her mum & dad, uncles and aunties, grandparents. Humpy making was always special times shared by all.

Teresa’s grandmother returned to Wadjuk Beeliar Boodjar many years ago where the family reconnected physically, spiritually, culturally to their ancestral Beeliar Traditional Homelands. 

Teresa grew up in the family home, with mum & dad, nans & pops, she has seven sisters and one brother.  She is the seventh daughter of Noongar Parents Valerie and Sam Miller. Born In 1971 during a time when Native Reserves still exist, they once lived in the bush on the outskirts of a small town with her mum, dad and old people.

When moved to Armadale in the mid 70’ we lived on the outskirts of town where country living was still an important part of her growing up. Returning to Kinjaling (Albany) visiting nan & pop, and Narrogin at aunty Beryl’s and visiting the Narrogin reserve, catching jilgees, swimming in the dams out on the farms, catch & chasing wild ducks in the paddocks, going out bush, wool picking on the farms, and visiting shearing sheds played a role in her upbringing.

After increasing attention from many people fascinated by her art pieces, Teresa set up her own business, telling her family story via the medium of acrylic paint on canvas. Teresa’s art is a showcase of contemporary storytelling. The strong coastal connections of her tribe and her people –  who have lived in this place for over 40,000 years – permeates her art.

As a professional Artist, she is creating a series of collections, each one pursuing a unique style and sharing a continuity of story. The artworks in this website are part of her Healing Circles Collection.

Telling stories of family and connection to Noongar country, each artwork is spiritually very important to Teresa, so instead of selling an original canvas, they are available to the public in the form of Canvas prints, or as prints on homewares and fashion apparel.

Her artwork has been taken back to many places across Australia and throughout the world; including places like NSW, QLD, Singapore, Germany, and the UK .

In addition to art, Teresa is dedicated to her parallel professional career – developing and managing Aboriginal community development programs, focusing on improving Mental health.

Teresa Miller – Curtin University Graduate
Dedicated to helping the Community.

Teresa graduated from Curtin University, one of WA’s most prestigious tertiary institutions, with a Bachelor of Aboriginal Community Management and Development.

Teresa brings fifty years of lived experience and thirty years as a professional advocate working in the community services sector; advocating for and supporting Aboriginal individuals, families and communities experiencing high levels of psychological distress, including post-suicide of loved ones, grief and loss, family and domestic violence, trauma, and homelessness. By counselling through a cultural lens, and standing proud as a strong matriarch Noongar woman, she has successfully delivered training workshops, including visits to some of the most remote Aboriginal community areas in Western Australia.

Teresa applies through her lived experiences, knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people to adapt course delivery to give practical and applicable knowledge to participants. Teresa has a deep and a great level of respect, understanding and empathy for people experiencing mental illness.

Her formal qualifications range from Business Management, Aboriginal Community Childcare, Real Estate Representative Counselling, and Diploma Youth Services.